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Paia Fish Market

Hawaii Dining Nov 12, 2013 No Comments

I have stopped by this restaurant a few times in the past but never ordered as there was always a good size line up to the counter and all the tables seemed full. It was no different today but today I thought I would try it anyway. The menu for the most part all has to do with fish that can be prepared a few ways, which is what I was there for.  They also have burgers and tacos. Looking around in line at the people sitting at the cafeteria style tables the food all looked very good with good size portions. By the time you place your order there seems to be a place at one of the tables that will fit you or your party. when I ordered there were 8 orders on the wheel in front of me. I sat at my table no more than 5 minutes and my Ahi plate was ready to pick up. Food was extremely good.

Maui Mike’s Beach House: Of Surfboards and Shaved Ice

Hawaii Dining Apr 15, 2012 No Comments

Maui Mike’s Beach House looks like a regular surf shop as you are driving down the main highway in Lahaina. But if you pull in around the back of the building you will see a little window where they sell shaved ice. My friend Forrest (who is sort of an organic nut) stops here every day with his girl Amy. They buy their sugar direct from the sugar mill. They only use preprocessed sugar. The blades on their machine are sharpened every 3 weeks, making the ice come out so soft there is no need to punch holes in it to get the topping through. Try it island style (scoop of ice cream on the bottom), then a little tigers blood, coconut, orange dream and top it off with a little sweet cream.

What’s Cooking at Monkeypod Kitchen?

Hawaii Dining Apr 05, 2012 No Comments

Right now Monkeypod Kitchen (10 Wailea Gateway Place in Kihei) is featuring a pan-seared Hawaiian Snapper nestled on top of a coconut ginger and carrot risotto, surrounded by a big island honey butter glaze and a balsamic drizzle. They top the snapper with a delicious lobster and baby bok choy salad.

Visit for Happy Hour daily from 3pm to 6pm. Most appetizers are 1/2 price, and of course fantastic specials on beers and drinks!


Jen’s Thai Food: Roadside Dining Off the Beaten Path

Hawaii Dining Apr 02, 2012 No Comments

Took a little all day road trip from Lahaina to Hana and back. Right before the town of Hana there are several road side restaurants grouped together on the left side of the road. They all have little picnic bench style seating. On our way back we stopped here at Jen’s Thai Food. At the time we arrived, all the other stands were closed, and so was she, as she was packing up to leave for the day — but she reopened her kitchen for us! The menu has maybe 10 items on it. We ordered 4 of the items on the menu, consisting of a 2 types chicken, beef, and a shrimp dish. They all came with rice and salad. The 4 of us ate this meal family style. Everyone was quite pleased with what we had. There was plenty of food and the price was very reasonable. The total came out to about $56.00 including drinks, which she went and got us at the little store that was closed next door.

Star Noodle’s Sheldon Simeon Wins Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef” Award

Hawaii Dining Mar 22, 2012 No Comments

If you’re not a Maui local or frequent visitor, you would be excused for not having heard of Star Noodle. But since opening in Lahaina in 2010, the restaurant has earned a steady and loyal following of locals and tourists alike, and the buzz has transcended the island culinary scene. Just this month, Food & Wine magazine awarded Star Noodle Chef Sheldon Simeon with the coveted title of “Best New Chef” in the Northwest and Pacific category.
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