Paia Fish Market

Hawaii Dining Nov 12, 2013 No Comments

I have stopped by this restaurant a few times in the past but never ordered as there was always a good size line up to the counter and all the tables seemed full. It was no different today but today I thought I would try it anyway. The menu for the most part all has to do with fish that can be prepared a few ways, which is what I was there for.  They also have burgers and tacos. Looking around in line at the people sitting at the cafeteria style tables the food all looked very good with good size portions. By the time you place your order there seems to be a place at one of the tables that will fit you or your party. when I ordered there were 8 orders on the wheel in front of me. I sat at my table no more than 5 minutes and my Ahi plate was ready to pick up. Food was extremely good.

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