Jen’s Thai Food: Roadside Dining Off the Beaten Path

Hawaii Dining Apr 02, 2012 No Comments

Took a little all day road trip from Lahaina to Hana and back. Right before the town of Hana there are several road side restaurants grouped together on the left side of the road. They all have little picnic bench style seating. On our way back we stopped here at Jen’s Thai Food. At the time we arrived, all the other stands were closed, and so was she, as she was packing up to leave for the day — but she reopened her kitchen for us! The menu has maybe 10 items on it. We ordered 4 of the items on the menu, consisting of a 2 types chicken, beef, and a shrimp dish. They all came with rice and salad. The 4 of us ate this meal family style. Everyone was quite pleased with what we had. There was plenty of food and the price was very reasonable. The total came out to about $56.00 including drinks, which she went and got us at the little store that was closed next door.