Lava Fields at Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Reserve

Hawaii Activities Apr 05, 2012 No Comments

If you’re on Maui and taking a day trip to Kihei or Wailea, here is a little side trip to the Lava Fields, just south of the Ahihi Kina’u Natural Area Reserve and La Perouse Bay. Continue on the road where the Shops of Wailea are located. Go past all the resorts. The further down this road you go, the more it seems as if you are on another planet. There are not many places to park along this stretch, but you will find areas where people have stopped to snorkel in little coves. Once you reach the end of the road, the Makena Stables will be on the left. There is parking right beyond this point and you will be at Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Reserve.